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Howard Davner on Obtaining a Beverage License

Running a successful restaurant is hard work. Serving the customers with food and drink that they will enjoy takes time, energy, and resources. It is also hard work behind the scenes, ensuring that you are compliant with state rules and regulations regarding the restaurant industry. If one wants to run wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverages, one must obtain a beverage license.

Why Do You Need a Beverage License?

Restaurants have to meet certain quality and sanitation standards to serve customers. A license helps each restaurant prove to both the customers and the state’s governing department that the restaurant is aware of these standards and is meeting them to serve food and drinks safely. All restaurants are required to have these licenses. If they do not, they can be subject to fines and the closing of the restaurant.

Getting a Beverage License for Your Restaurant

The steps to getting a beverage license may vary by state, but the first step requires contacting your state’s restaurant association. This organization will help you determine what food and beverage licenses you will need to have in place before you first open your restaurant. Once they have advised you of which licenses you need, it is up to you to contact the state’s department for business licenses. They will provide you with the applications and other necessary documents to apply for the license.

The employees you hire must also hold specific licenses to bartend or serve alcohol as a waiter. While these licenses need to be obtained by the individual employee, it is up to the restaurant that hired them to make sure they have received these licenses within a specific period of time after being hired. Beverage licenses will only need to be issued to those who are preparing and serving alcoholic drinks. Staff who handle food only need to obtain a food license unless otherwise stated by your state’s governing agency.

If you are ready to start licensing for your restaurant business, it is essential to make sure you understand what you will need and how you will obtain these licenses before your opening day. That way, you will have everything in place to make your first business day a success.

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