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Time Management for Entrepreneurs | Howard Davner

When you’re an entrepreneur, you call most (or all) of the shots. With this level of power, you get to set your schedule. With no accountability, it’s too easy to get off track and become unproductive. When you’re not productive, this directly impacts your company’s ability to thrive. This is where time management skills come in handy. To manage your time well, consider the following tips.

Eliminate Distractions

Time is the most precious commodity because you can’t recoup what you’ve lost. Instead, it’s best to focus on maximizing the time in front of you. Closely examine the distractions that take up a lot of time. Whether you need to start scheduling and vetting calls before you take them or deleting the social media apps when you’re in the middle of the workday, find ways to relentlessly resist the distractions of your life.

Set a Timer

The Pomodoro Technique is a beloved time management strategy for many people. By breaking the day up into 25-minute increments, it’s easier to focus and execute. Set a timer on your phone, and label the timer with whatever you need to complete by the time it’s up.

Learn How to Rebound Well

Failures, disappointments, and mistakes will occur. They’re necessary for growth, knowledge, and more. However, it’s easy to get lost in failure if you don’t learn how to rebound and pivot well. Instead of getting lost in a loop of disappointment, master the art of rebounding well. Allow yourself to be disappointed. However, you can’t stay down—work on quickly figuring out other options and plans so that you can carry out the end goal. You’ll save so much time by learning how to rebound from a mistake or a disappointment quickly.

Take Breaks

Take time to nourish yourself with a five or ten-minute break. If you’re seated at your desk for hours, stand up and do a few stretches near your desk. Walk around the office building for a few minutes. Get some fresh air as you drink some water outside. These small breaks can be significant ways to recharge and break up the monotony of a stressful work cycle.

As an entrepreneur, you have complete control over the direction of your company’s success and impact. When you manage yourself well, this will spill over into all aspects of your business. As you master these tips, you’ll also see a shift in other areas of your life.

Local to West Orange, New Jersey, Howard Davner is an experienced financial entrepreneur, equity trader, and portfolio manager. Throughout Howard’s career, he has developed the necessary skills to be a successful entrepreneur. Howard Davner has been a business-minded individual throughout his entire life.

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