Howard Davner on Beverage Trends in 2022

There are many different types of drinks, and they’re all more popular because of their flavor or Health benefits. The trends for beverages in 2022 will likely be towards lower-calorie drinks and lower alcohol drinks. 

Some experts believe that this will be the last year that glass bottles are allowed and the end of drinking straws. In 2022, we’ll see new drinks that have become popular due to their health benefits, like chili pepper drinks. Here, we will discuss beverage trends for 2022.

There will be no more glass bottles allowed in 2022

Many people think that glass bottles are recyclable. However, they aren’t. They can only be recycled for a limited amount of time. Also, glass bottles contain many harmful chemicals like bromine and heavy metals like lead and cadmium. Glass is terrible for the environment because it will break down into tiny pieces over time. Don’t drink from glass bottles or buy plastic bottles made from recycled materials if you want to reduce your carbon footprint.

There will be no more drinking straws allowed in 2022

Drinking straws are made from plastic, which is terrible for the environment. Most of the plastic we use in our lives ends up in landfills, negatively impacting the environment. Also, drinking straws can cause many problems like choking and poisoning if used incorrectly. The media has been working hard to make straw users aware of the environmental impact they have, especially on ocean creatures. Drinking straws should be banned because of their negative impacts on our environment and health issues.

There will be more health drinks in 2022

In the past, most people drank soda. However, many different beverages are healthier and better for you. Health drinks are a lot more beneficial than soda in many ways. They contain a lot less sugar or calories, and they can also be made from natural fruits and vegetables. Many people have started to drink more healthy drinks because they are healthier and better for you than soda. In addition, they are also good for your health because they contain many natural ingredients.

These are some of the beverage trends for 2022. These trends will happen because they are suitable for the environment. We should all try and help prevent these problems from happening in the future.

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